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Image by Rebellé Fleur

The number of people looking to be healthier is growing substantially every year and this trend positively affects every product which contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Loose-leaf Herbal tea is widely considered as a wellness product and has certainly helped me and my husband change our lives for the better!

Bulgaria is one of the leading providers of herbs and spices in the world and is number one in Europe. The pleasant four seasoned climates allow for the natural wild growth of over 3600 different species of herbs, only about 150 are actively being used. Main buyers of the raw herbs are UK and Germany where established manufacturing giants transform the goods into pills and other medicinal herbal products and even cosmetics.

We aim to provide the highest quality loose leaf herbal tea, some of which the UK market hasn’t heard of yet.


We would be excited to take you on a journey of discovering these unique flavors and potential suggested health benefits.

   If you are interested in exploring this further and perhaps trying some of the teas, please get in touch via email on info@mindful-cuppa.com