Frequently asked questions

Are your teas organic?

The suppliers we work with have not bought the licence to call themselves organic as it is quite expensive! But I can assure you that all of our herbs are grown wild in the mountains and hand picked by the locals who are employed to do this. So they are uncertified organic : )

What is BIY?

This a term my husband invented! It stands for: Blend it yourself! We really got to enjoy certain cocotions and mixtures of teas and we found the best way to share them with you is to teach you how to make them yourself. If we have to make it for you and sell it in a package we would have to cut and grain the beautiful herbs and we dont want to process them! We want you to enjoy them in their purest and real form!

Why buy Bulgarian herbs?

Why not? Not many people know this but Bulgaria is actually number one producer of herbs and spices in Europe and in the leading top 3 in the world! So the quality is highly respected and the abundancy is there as well!

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Not yet! We are looking into this and as soon as we have opened doors we will announce it so stay tunned by becoming a memeber!