Image by Becca Tapert

We all wish 2021 is a year of hope, health & happiness, and whatever you face, may it be with your best foot forward, balancing life and work with confidence.

Life is certainly uncertain, however, one thing for sure is a cup of tea to fire up the soul is a great start or end to any day.

Love peppermint or whole green tea leaves? Both are a fresh and inspiring brew. We’ve even thrown in some rose for luxury in our Minty Green Blend.

We recommend more than one cup to Boost the brain and let the antioxidants do their thang!

Wayne Dyer quotes “The Wilderness is Therapy” so fill up a flask of Minty Green and get out in the fresh air and visit nature as much as you can!

Image by Peter Conlan

Nature's got the Energy!

Loose Leaf