The Mindful Team

We are the Bulgarian herbal tea lovers! Here is our story and how we have come to love it so much!


Alena Booth

   My name is Alena and I am originally from Plovdiv - one of the most stunning cities in Bulgaria. I arrived in the UK back in 2008 to study higher education in London and have been lucky enough to encounter an amazing adventure and meet some incredible, inspiring people during my time which all contributed to me staying here and never looking back.

I married my beloved English husband back in 2016- a year which was pivotal to both of our lives, not only because we committed to spending the rest of our lives together, but also because we experienced a true spiritual/ mental awakening.


Unfortunately, most (if not all) awakenings are an immediate outcome of something terrible which in this case was my husband’s mental break down. This has put us(the newlyweds) on a challenging journey for the two years that followed. As people say “it’s the darkest hour right before sunrise” so it was with us - it made us stronger, healthier and more determined than ever to make and implement positive changes that would last a lifetime.


One of the key factors that helped us was substituting a bottle of wine per evening with a healthy pot of herbal tea! And this is where my story meets you - we fell in love with herbal tea to the extent that we would like to share that love with more people beyond our closest friends!

Kristian Booth

Hello, everyone, my name is Kristian and this is my story of how my growing passion for herbal tea has helped me on my journey of recovery from a nervous breakdown.

Like a lot of modern men, I struggled with communicating my emotions and this led to a massive build-up of stress and anxiety. One morning at work I suffered a massive panic attack, I would spend the next couple of years in an anxious and depressed cycle. I was constantly worrying about what has happened to me -  was I going mad? It was the scariest time of my life!

I had to change my lifestyle & connect internally. Although breaking habits is a difficult task, I continue to work hard to evolve as a person and understand my emotions. I had to learn to discipline myself, get into a routine and create healthy habits, one of which was drinking herbal tea.

I used herbal tea as a healthy swap for alcohol and it started to calm me down, combined with meditation, a healthy diet and regular exercise, I finally started feeling like myself again, regaining my mental strength.

We started sharing our tea with friends and family, who were so impressed with the quality and taste that it wasn’t long before someone suggested we start a business. We welcomed the idea and Mindful Cuppa was born!