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Mindful Cuppa was created because of our continuous love, passion and more honestly our obsession for herbal teas and meditation! We can’t get enough of it! If you are one of the believers that herbal tea and mindfulness can improve your health and promote overall well-being then you are on the right page as we believe in that too! Or if you are the casual lover of tea and enjoy the variety of tastes and aromas herbal tea offers, then you are one of us too!

Our teas originate from the beautiful mountains and valleys of Bulgaria where locals have been drinking herbal teas as a substitute for modern medicine for generations. We chose to be the followers of this tradition but also cannot resist the fragrant and delicious taste of the herbs in our morning and evening cuppa.

We recently started offering Mindfulness courses taught by Alena Booth who is a long standing meditator and a passionate teacher! She is currently studying towards her Mindfulness Teacher accreditation with the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA)


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What is the MBSR course?

MBSR stands for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Established in 1979 by Professor Jon Kabat Zinn in the university of Massachusetts Medical Centre

It is thought over 8 weeks, 2h per week via MS Teams

It teaches you practical tools to help you better manage stress, anxiety and pain.

It is an evidence-based course! Backed by a significant number of research and studies some involving functional MRI scans undertaken on participants

During the course you will learn about neuroscience, explaining how Mindfulness actually work on our body and brain 

The course is also experiential which means you not only get to learn how to do the practices, we will be doing them in the lessons

Yoga at Home



MBSR course

Evidence-based 8 week course

What they say about us


I can’t recommend these teas highly enough, a real find. To be able to have such unique blends delivered to my front door is a bonus, the flavours are amazing and the health benefits, both physical and mental are excellent. Anything that boosts my immune system and reduces my anxiety especially at the moment has to be a good thing. Thanks

Sol Garcia

Mindful Cuppa has the best mint tea I've ever had in my life. Their Mursalski tea, said to help boost the immune system is also worth a try in COVID times. Customer service is also really good, I got a custom made blend to help me sleep, thanks Kris and Alena!

Ivan Ivanov

Amazing tea! Such great taste and you can tell the couple really cares about the quality they sell! Arrived on time and I absolutely loved the little rose sample gift which came with my order! Highly recommend!

"Life is like a cup of tea
it's all in how you make it"

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